The train would come

spring 181


They never really met up.

Never truly stood side by side.

Always separated by the thin, wire fence that lined the train tracks.

He on one side, she on the other.

They walked miles and miles together looking for a break in the fence.

A place for them to be able to reach out to one another, but time never allowed.

Instead they’d graze fingertips through the holes in the mesh that divided them.

Holding tight to this barrier that they shared.

Hoping someday to hold love’s hand rather than just stand in front of it.

And when the train would approach and signal to them to get away from the tracks, they’d ignore it.

Gusts of wind from the passing train would blow hard against them, causing them to have to brace themselves, and hold tightly to the thing that divided them.

He’d yell out to her, and because of the rushing wind and roar of the train’s engine, she could only guess at his words.

When the train had finally passed, and quiet settled, they marveled at how they withstood another day – another train.

Needing to get back to work, they parted ways.

Making promises to meet again at the fence.

Making promises to get together soon.

Making the best that they could of this life apart.




18 thoughts on “The train would come

  1. I can feel their anguish as I read. Destined to remain close and yet still alone. Sad but beautiful.
    … and hold tightly to the thing that divided them.”
    Very moving imagery – may I ask what inspired you to pen this piece?

  2. Having read some of your works I must say I’m impressed how you make the world stop and focus on a particular character, or characters. There’s music here and sort of a celluloid touch. This piece also reminded me of ‘rabbit proof fence’, even though topics are completely different, yet fence serves as something worth holding to in order to survive (in many ways).

  3. I was thinking about the fact that there isn’t always “together” or “apart”. There is an in between that a lot of people find themselves in, and that could be in any type of relationship. Even among friends – a difficult place to be.
    Thanks so much for commenting, Nikki!

  4. I can totally see how pictures from that movie could be seen here. Yes, the topic is different but the idea of fences can apply to many types of relationships. Thank you so much for your kind words and for checking out my blog.

  5. Hello Devan! I enjoyed your post because it tells a story of truth. This story can apply to long distance relationships, friendships, and other types of relationships. Its so intense

  6. Yes, I see. A perceptive observation – sometimes there is no physical barrier, yet nonetheless we feel its presence. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. N x

  7. Thank you for that angle. I hadn’t looked at the story in that way, but I like that thought as well.
    Thanks again Laurie!

  8. “mesh that divided them” we all have our faves, right devan?
    you write elegantly. a flow and a pleasure to read. happy to have traded viewings. i hope it continues.


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