Light reflected

April 2013 033


Hers was transparent.

Some called it a worthless piece of armor that would fail to protect her when the fighting started.

Made of glass, it was given to her by her mother.

A shield handed down by generations of women before her who had gone into battle.

It gave them away every time.

Exposing their every move.

Revealing every flinch  – more a window than a shield.

Leaving them completely vulnerable.

So, how had it survived the generations?

How had something perceived as a weakness manage to last?

Unlike the solid shields, made heavy with the purpose of withstanding a blow, hers was lightweight.

It allowed her the freedom to maneuver  with precision.

It was blinding in its glare.

It also gave her the opportunity of perspective – the clarity of scope.

While the others peaked out from behind armor that was supposed to protect them, she stood out in the line of soldiers.

This one with her shield of glass.

The one bold enough to be seen.

Protected by the light she reflected.





24 thoughts on “Light reflected

  1. A beautiful portrayal of ‘Everywoman’. Your vision is breathtaking. I’m so pleased I discovered your writing. N x

  2. A beauty & Truth poem to have discovered on Mary Mary Mary. Mother, Bethany, Magdalene day in Trinity day. 13 May 2013!

  3. Your writing holds a touch of genius.

    I loved your exploration of the various nuances of glass in our lives. What particularly resonated with me was the closing line, and I quote,

    ” Protected by the light she reflected.”

    Could this imply that as she became transparent in her thoughts and actions like glass, she gained strength in her dealings with the outside world?


  4. Thank you for this comment, Shakti! I really like your thoughts on the story. And yes, I believe that her strength was centered on her clarity and authenticity, and also on the fact that this method had been demonstrated to her as successful through the experiences of the women that came before her. So, not only did she have the transparency, she had faith in it because it had been modeled for her.

    Thanks so much for checking it out!

  5. I came to thank you for following my blog and i see this wonderful offering of yours. 🙂 This shield that you have written about can be used not only by our Mothers but also by the other woman we encounter who are put in place to teach those, who for whatever reason, missed it before. You have the honor of being one of those woman. You are blessed. Thank you!

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