A chance to speak

April 2013 006


Another push forward.

Stuck in a mob of onlookers.

Blocked in on all sides.

She didn’t want to be another bystander.

Cramped tightly within this pack – shoulder to shoulder – being pushed along.

All the while in silent opposition.

Caught in a tide of people.

Swaying when they swayed.

Moving when they moved.

When she finally lifted her voice, only a whisper came out – but it shook her free.

Generating a ripple of turning.

People looking over their shoulders – searching for the source.

Taking steps back when they finally found her.

Leaving her standing alone in the clearing.

As she looked around into their puzzled faces, she got the sense that something had shifted.

Feeling the weight of their questions caused her knees to shake.

They looked to her for what she’d say next.

But as her throat caught her words, and her nerve lost its way, she said nothing.

The moment soon passed, and at the next distraction the masses went wandering again.

Falling into step with one another.

All but the girl who whispered.

Unable to say anything more, but still compelled to break away,

She decided to walk against the crowd.


15 thoughts on “A chance to speak

  1. Swaying when they swayed.

    Moving when they moved.

    …an improvised spontaneous waltz that happens amidst the herd; you took me to work with you today; thank you!

  2. Thank you, Laurie! I feel very much like that girl at times. I tend to whisper. That’s one of the reasons why writing has been so awesome. It lets your voice out. Thanks for the continued support!

  3. I’m a religious person. This reminds me of times standing for Christ and what I believe. Wanting to stand firm and not just go with everyone else, the world, that pulls you in. But it takes just that voice even if its small for Him to give you the strength to walk the other path he has for you!

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