Someone to stand with

umbrella 005


Just before leaving the house, a woman grabbed her red umbrella.

There was no mention of weather on the news, but she thought she’d better have it just in case.

And better than just having it, she’d better open it – walking along with her umbrella when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

She stood on the corner waiting to cross.

People looked on with questioning eyes.

Looking at this woman with her large red umbrella on such a perfect day.

As she stood beside the bustling street a little boy walked up.

They had stood at the same corner day after day.

And day after day he wore his rain boots.

Other children often picked on the boy.

Laughing at him.

Laughing at his too large, dirty boots.

And today was no different.

Upon seeing the children tease the boy, the woman walked up and stood next to him.

Holding her umbrella over him.

As the taunting continued, the boy looked up at the woman and smiled.

And he stood a little taller.

Not because the children had stopped laughing – they hadn’t.

It was because he had found someone to stand with.


24 thoughts on “Someone to stand with

  1. So, it’s my turn. I have always been proud of who you are, but I’m having to see past those memories that I have memorized, to quote from a song. You are such an extraordinary self; so much more alive with insightful curiosity. . .so full of love and acceptance. I join your many admirers who sense the beauty that you possess. Have a fabulous Mother’s Day. I will visit you here, often and remember the first time I saw into your soul as an infant. You are more than a dream or a vision, you are mine. All That I Am, Dad

  2. How true. 🙂 I love art that does not try to cover up the ugly of reality to make it look better, instead it shows its beauty despite the ugly is shares the same space with. Very well done here.

  3. This was so sentimental and beautiful,like one of those movies that make you cry of some strange happiness at the end. Thank you for sharing this story.

  4. It’s interesting that you should say that because the picture in my head when I was writing it down played very much like a movie. So, thank you for seeing that as well!

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