Before he knew

April 2013 031


Fine lines smudged into a blur.

Colors soaking into one another, while light and shadow played off of each other in a hazy smudge.

This is how the young man saw the world with his bad eyes.

With his poor vision.

Poor because he couldn’t see far off.

Poor because he couldn’t focus.

So, on the day that he got his new lenses, his heart sank.

No more floating color scenes.

No more dreamlike haze.

Desperate to see what he once saw, he purchased a canvas and paint.

He smoothed and blended his creation into a view from his past.

And he sat in front of it, wishing.

Wishing to go back.

More comfortable with his shortsightedness.

Before he saw the world for what it really was.

With this new, clear vision, he sat and painted pictures of the past.




17 thoughts on “Before he knew

  1. Thank you so much! My daughter just ordered her first pair of glasses, and so I was thinking a lot about vision yesterday. It’s funny where inspiration can come from!

    Thanks again for your support.

  2. Such a perceptive piece of beautiful prose; an uplifting perspective on what most would consider to be a loss. I loved it. x

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