A rock

4-27-12 001

It began under my feet.

What felt like a trap – confining me to one place – was really a call to wait.

Wait right here.

Against my judgement, I stayed.

I shifted my weight and sank in.

Spread my toes and stood steady.

Rough ground.

Solid ground.

Sacred ground.

And none have failed me.

It was my legs that had the questions.

The ground, unwavering, had made its point.

So I trusted it and stood.

Readied my knees in case of wind.

Bundled my limbs in case of cold.

And when the time came, I was solid like the ground that held me.

And when the time came, I was sturdy enough to hold on to.

Sure of my place – constant.

Strong enough for others to lean on.


8 thoughts on “A rock

  1. Finding our strength and place within the world can be a mystified fete, but when we get our bearings and find ourselves the balance to living gets easier, thank you for visiting, abundant care and blessings Namaste

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