For faith…

APRIL2 014




Floating without direction.

Sparkles flutter together – whipped ’round, left spinning.

Pulled then tossed across each other’s orbits.

Twinkling dreams not yet born.

Full with potential – on the verge of bursting.

Then, one – trapped by the drawn of a larger light, takes its journey.

Closing the gap of possibility.

Nearer and nearer, until finally meeting its reason.

And now, aimed and ready, the tiny flicker fits into its place – like a lost puzzle piece.

The picture of spirit and purpose completed successfully for the task at hand.

And the other orbs of light dance and play,

And wait for faith to find them.


9 thoughts on “For faith…

  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award. If you accept, please go to the post where I accepted my nomination and follow the same instructions. Best wishes.

  2. Oh my word!! Thank you so much! That is so incredibly kind of you. I’m going right now to check it out. Thanks again!!

  3. I have to be completely honest and say that I am not the best with computers. The fact that I have a blog is kind of a miracle! I’m not sure how to proceed other than to answer the questions that you had up. Other than that, I will do my best. Any tips?

  4. Under my post full life; the lady that nominated me provided instructions. If you look at the comments section you’ll see her. Click on her site and it’s provided there. I’ve no clue either with computers!! LOL

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