A fog had settled


Dense fog had fallen and settled.

And even between the two of them, it was hard to see clearly.

A dreamy shadowing, making liars out them.

Making them seem farther apart than they really were.

Betrayed by what their eyes could see – eyes which they had trusted at one time.

Yet, with the same fog, two views.

And neither could convince the other of what they had seen.

It was there — no, there that the light was shining.

They argued the position of the light – taking steps toward what they thought they saw.

Taking steps away from each other, unknowingly.

Until they were miles apart.

If only they had ignored their eyes.

If only they had huddled together and waited out the fog.

Or at least held hands so in the end they had not lost one another.



10 thoughts on “A fog had settled

  1. As beautiful as it is sad. From the outside or the future, the answer seems clear, but to the two who are following what they think is right, they get nothing.

    The empty street with the bike and two empty benches seem to reflect the potential for a life that was, could have been, but now isn’t. Nice work Dev.

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