Never alone

april 2 002

Please speak clearly so that I can hear you.

Stand close so that I may sense your meaning.

Fix your eyes on mine so that the truth won’t escape.

Focus on what you feel and where it’s coming from, and I’ll meet you there.

I’ll find where you are because I’ll be searching.

I’ll listen for you when words fail and voices crack.

I’ll watch for you when your posture shifts and you fold your arms to guard yourself.

Relax if you can.

I’ll keep watch when you need to sleep.

And when you need to fight, I’ll be in your corner.

I’ll walk behind you when you need to move – not to watch you go, but to make sure that you hear my footsteps behind you.

And you’ll know that you’re never alone.



26 thoughts on “Never alone

  1. Devan,
    Aunt Suzy and Uncle Ron here, we just read your blog thanks to Aunt Maria giving me the link. You my dear, are a very talented writer. I shall look forward to reading more. I also love the pictures!

  2. Thank you! It absolutely could be from a parent to a child, although I love that it could fit into any kind of relationship at one point or another – as a message of complete support. Thanks so much for your comment!

  3. thanks for stopping by and reading my writing. Glad i found yours! 🙂

  4. This speaks so powerfully to my heart! Both your wonderfully descriptive prose and your poetry resonate with charm and a quiet elegance. I saw that you had visited my blog and liked what you saw and hope you will visit often or, if the spirit moves you, “follow” along with those who enjoy my poetry, haiku, tanka, and other small verse forms. *easy smile*

    Richest Blessings,


  5. Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. I will definitely be visiting your blog again soon! 🙂

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