A brave face

Her chest gets tight sometimes, and the muscles in her neck ache as she tries to think it away – blink it away.

But it’s too late and her cheeks flush hot as tears creep up, barging through her cool, interrupting her calm.

Warm tears tell the truth she’s been hiding.

She looks up to the sky to keep them from rolling down.

She looks up to the clouds for a distraction.

She looks past the clouds to beg for an answer.

But the tear won’t hold out any longer.

It breaks past her lashes and cools down her cheek.

It twinkles as the light briefly catches it.

And with the quick brush of her hand it’s gone.

No one saw.

No one knows.


6 thoughts on “A brave face

  1. I love the way you write, the way you express yourself! It’s just wonderful! It sort of explains how some people feel!

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