Someone close to me has renewed my belief in dreaming, and I’m so grateful.  For some reason, I had bought in to the idea that dreaming (you know, that thing that gets you exciting just thinking about it), was irresponsible somehow.  The “here and now” routine, just didn’t provide enough time for fanciful thinks like dreaming.

Thank goodness for family and friends that will speak into your life and give you a wake up call when you need one!

My particular person told me that not only were dreams possible, but that I should strive for them, and I can’t tell you  what that did for me.

So, what is that thing in the back of your mind?  What’s the thing that you’ve left on the back-burner, that you want to try, but don’t dare?  Be encouraged and boldly seek it out.  Go after that thing that makes you heart happy. 🙂

And you never know, someone may get the courage to step out an accomplish their dream because they saw you take a step towards your own.  So let’s not just do it for ourselves, let’s do it for each other.


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