Easter fun

I took this picture this morning, not realizing until I put it on the computer how beautiful this one little, bold bud was.  And I’m sure that so many metaphors could be made from this picture, but a striking one to me was idea of standing alone, and what that looks like.  Another thought occurred to me that if I went back to that very spot tomorrow, that other flowers would have followed this one’s lead, and that eventually, in their own time, all of the buds will blossom.

This was only one of quite a few great pictures that I took on my new camera (which I love).

Here are some other ones.

Happy Easter!


3 thoughts on “Easter fun

  1. So I finally made it to your blog. I absolutely love all the pictures and never knew you were so talented as a photographer or writer for that matter. I love what you’re doing here and the kids are precious as ever!!!

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