Thoughts go to a hundred different places. Like dust particles floating through the air, they appear and disappear depending on the direction of light shining on them or behind them. Just like dust, so small, thoughts can land and then blow away as the smallest movement directs. Like thoughts, dust can swirl around, weightless, until you go to grab at it, and then much concentration is needed to hold on to it. Dust is just a speck until further inspection goes into naming its origin. Only a speck amidst millions of others until studied, and the difference between them can be either bits of skin or pieces of cloth. Lint. The differences in thoughts are the same. They’re either skin, part of man’s own flesh, sinking deep, even into his very being, or cloth, made from the stuff he uses to cover himself. Whether it is a covering of a garment or a covering like an alibi, that is something that must be further looked into, but either way, these are the things that float all around us. Passing by and around us constantly just like the thoughts that occur to us or not, depending on the light of consciousness that shines it’s favor on them, bringing those notions to our attention, giving them significance.


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